Thursday, October 16, 2008

SunTrust Misleads Their Customers

SunTrust Misleading Customers

By: Detective Krum

When I wrote about Florida banks that might fail, I listed ratings and suggested people check out their institutions. I never said SunTrust was going to fail, I just showed ratings Here and Here. It appears SunTrust Bank in Florida may be trying to comfort people regarding the financial stability of SunTrust Bank. Sun Trust has provided their customers with a flyer which is a reprint of a Florida Trend Magazine. The article is ranking trust banking firms and it shows SunTrust No.1. The problem with this move on SunTrust’s part?

1. The article is dated October 2007 - one year ago, before the bank failures surged.

2. Fails to show at about the same time last year, SunTrust was being considered for a possible buyout by CitiCorp see Here.

3. In August 2008 The Deal Book wrote of, ” Among the culprits was SunTrust Banks, the troubled Atlanta-based lender that must cope with the minefield that is the Southeast’s housing market.”

Would I write this report today had SunTrust not put out the flyer which has a tendency to mislead? Probably not. If SunTrust would have been honest with their customers, it might have been a different story.

Below you see a chart from Scottrade clearly showing SunTrust stock. Look at the notes by financial watchers at the bottom of the chart.

SunTrust 5 year chart

SunTrust 5 year chart

Then when you compare this:
SunTrust Compared to Peers

SunTrust Compared to Peers



The article below was from last year at about the same time SunTrust was written up in Florida Trend. Then how was Florida Trend obtaining their information? Is Florida Trend reliable?

Florida Trend looked at assets only it appears. Clearly, SunTrust stock has gone down, debt has increased, SunTrust buying many bad mortgages and yellow flags of caution should go up. One other point, it appears SunTrust may be having embezzlement issues. This will post on too.
Carolina News reports

Carolina News reports

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Arizona Banks Rated

Arizona Banks Better Than Illinois

By: Detective Krum

I reported in the last edition, the banks in Arizona appear to be in better condition than the banks in Illinois. Senator Obama serves in the 13th District for Illinois and I reported there appears to be about 200 banks in jeopardy of failing, see the post titled Obama-land Bank Failures. Despite Senator Obama’s living in the area and working for the great people of Illinois, 200 banks in a potential failing condition should be alarming. Yet Arizona came in as follows:

Bank Rating Bank Name

E+ First National Scottsdale, Arizona

That was it for banks specific to an (E) rating. Again (A) rating is best (E & F) rating worst and red flags go up and depositors should move their deposits into a safer bank before failure. I am not giving financial advice and anyone reading this information reads and uses this information at their own risk. This information is all public record and if you copy our material, please give a link back to

Looking at Banks with a (D) rating in Arizona

Bank Rating Bank Name

D Bank 1440 Peoria, AZ

D Choice Bank Scottsdale, AZ

D+ Desert Hills Bank Phoenix, AZ

D Gold Canyon Bank Gold Canyon, AZ

D+ Legacy Bank Scottsdale, AZ

D+ Mesa Bank Mesa, AZ

D Mission Bank Kingman, AZ

D Republic Bank AZ Phoenix, AZ

D Sonoran Bank Phoenix, AZ

What was interesting is ( 29 of the 47 banks with a (D) rating) are insurance or insurance related companies and 18 are regular style banks. So putting this together:

Arizona appears to have 52 failing institutions. Of these 52 institutions 33 are insurance related companies and not what people consider a bank. Overall, Arizona appears to have 19 banks (18 with a D rating and 1 with an E rating) which are in danger of possibly failing while Illinois has 200. Could you say, where Senator Obama has been on guard, bank failures appear four times higher than where Senator McCain has been on guard? If I were to look at how many of the institutions in John McCain’s state are in a position to possibly fail, I see most are insurance related. Could the fact that most of the companies that appear to be failing in Arizona are insurance companies due to illegal immigration? Could illegal immigration be burdening insurance companies in Arizona so much that the insurance companies are likely to fail? You have to decide. If the insurance companies fail due to illegal immigration, how does that affect legal citizens? One other footnote here: I did not or have not voted for John McCain in any election or primary to this date. I voted for a different candidate. One other point, this information is available through FDIC.

Now onto the (A & B) rated in Arizona:

A+ Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

B Country Bank Prescott, AZ

B+ Foothills Bank Yuma, AZ

B Commerce Bank Tucson

Please leave any comments or questions in the comment section.

Thank you

Detective Krum

Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama-land Banks Failing

Obama-land Banks Failing?

By: Detective Krum

With elections coming in America, I thought I would look at Senator Obama’s state of Illinois to see how many banks could be in jeopardy. As a Senator serving in Congress, surely Senator Obama would inform his constituents of any coming possible bank failures to protect his constituents, right? Well, it hasn’t made the news if he has informed anyone about which banks might fail in his state, so I will. After all, we are Americans, right?

To understand my terminology, I suggest you read my first post here or you can look at it here.

Illinois has about ( 200 ) banks in possible failing condition with a rating of a (D) or an (E) rating. I am not giving financial advice and am not responsible for any decisions people make from this information or any other I write about. This information is provided so people can make informed decisions. If you knew your bank had a good chance to fail, wouldn’t you want to take your money out and put your money into a safer bank? This information helps people make informed decisions.

Below is a list of banks which is considered to be “red flag” banks. The red flag indicates these banks are at great risk of failing. As mentioned before, A and B rated banks are the best, C and D rated banks indicate yellow flags of warning and E and F rated banks may indicate red flags and almost eminent failure. I have listed banks in the Illinois area which are considered possible risk of failing.

BankRating Bank Name

E+ American Metro Bank Chicago, IL

E - Citizens Bank & Trust Chicago, IL

E Family Bank & Trust Palos Hills, IL

E- First Personal Bank Orland Park, IL

E- First Suburban National, Maywood, IL

E+ McHenry Savings Bank Mchenry, IL

E- Meridian Bank Eldred, IL

E- Milford Building & Loan Milford, IL

E- Platinum Community Bank Rolling Meadows, IL

E Princeville State Bank Princeville, IL

E+ West Town Savings Bank Cicero, IL’

D Anchor State Bank Anchor, IL

D- Bank of Illinois Normal, IL

D- Belmont Bank & Trust Chicago, IL

D- Community Bank Oak Park, IL

This is not an exhaustive list of all the banks and/or thrifts. As I have to end on a positive note, I have listed some (A) rated banks in Illinois below.

A- Oak Bank Chicago, IL

A People’s National Kewanee, IL

A Reynolds State Bank Reynolds, IL

A- Rochester State Bank Rochester, IL

Senator Obama serves in the 13th District for Illinois according to Wikipedia see here

Neighboring cities or towns include Chicago, Cicero and Oak Park. Overall, about 200 possible bank failures in the Illinois area plus because we have not yet counted those banks and/or insurance companies graded in the low ( C-) range.

For a contrast, when I looked at Arizona where Senator John McCain lives I noticed Arizona has one bank with a failing (E+) grade named First National in Scottsdale, Arizona. The four other with (E) grades are insurance companies. Arizona has what appears to be ( 47 ) (D) rated banks compared to Illinois 174 (D) rated. What does this mean? It would appear there are almost four times as many banks in financial trouble in Illinois where Senator Obama is watchdog compared to Senator McCain’s area of watchdog. Is Senator McCain doing more to protect his constituents in Arizona from banks failing? You need to determine this.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Texas Banks Skid?

Texas Banks On A Skid

By: Detective Krum

In keeping with an old saying an informed person is wiser than a fool, I have
taken the time to research specific banks to inform depositors of potential problems in their personal finances. Please look at the article defining banks failing by looking at this previous post by clicking previous post previous post

Now I am looking at banks in Texas. What banks in Texas have a D, E, or F rating which puts them at great risk of failing? If you want to avoid potential long lines like IndyMac bank had in California, you may want to make a move with your deposits to a safer bank before the fall of your current bank. Texas banks may skid.

The following banks have an E rating which means red flags should be going up and their is a high risk this bank will fail. Remember, I am not giving financial advice and you do with this information what you will at your own risk. I am just providing information to help people make informed decisions.

Bank Rating Bank Name

E- First Bank, Snook, Texas

E+ Benchmark Bank Plano, Texas

E+ Old American City Mutual Fire Ins. Co, Texas

E+ Texas Republic Bank Frisco, Texas

E Texas National Bank Mercedes, Texas

D+ Cattleman’s National Round Mountain, Texas

D Citizens State Bank Woodville, Texas

D- Community State Bank Austin, Texas

D- Equity Bank Dallas, Texas

D- First Bank & Trust Dawson, Texas

D- Franklin Bank Houston, Texas

D- Independent Bank Irving, Texas

D- Millennium Bank Dallas, Texas

This is not an exhaustive list of possible bank failures coming to Texas. Texas appears to also have many insurance companies that have an E or D rating indicating a strong possibility to fail. Again, FDIC insurance will cover up to $ 100,000 of deposits however, no indication of how long you’ll have to wait to get your money and you could loose your house or car before you see your check from FDIC.

Recently reported through Bloomberg was the laying off of about 1,100 employees at HSBC (bank) in America. Yet we have discovered the following: The UK has a bank named B&B which maybe going to fail. There are three potential buyers for B&B bank in the UK and one of those buyers is HSBC. How can HSBC lay off 1,100 American workers and turn around and buy the assets of B&B bank in the UK? That might be a question for HSBC. HSBC has three banks in Delaware one in Maryland and one in Nevada. Only the Nevada bank has a (B-) rating the other three have Ds and one (an insurance unit) has a C rating.

To end this on a positive note, Texas has about 91 ( A ) rated banks. If you need more information about a bank in Texas, comment here or send an email. Or you can post on Victory1 Project at

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Florida Banks Failing?

By: DetectiveKrum

People receive credit scores to determine, by lenders, the person’s credit-worthiness. To keep my investigation easy to understand, I will lump a variety of financial organizations which include banks, credit unions, insurance companies and so forth, into one category for now, called lenders or banks. Technically, a credit union is not a bank, but a credit union. But for this report, I will call them all banks.

As I researched banks, in lieu of the current economic conditions in America, I was interested in bank failures. With IndyMac bank failing and watching many wait outside the bank in California, I wanted to know why IndyMac depositors were not aware of their bank failing in advance. If you know your bank is in a position to fail, what would you do about your deposits? FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides depositors up to $ 100,000 insurance. But you might wait months to get your money from FDIC and you could loose your car or house by then. What if you could share with people, their bank’s rating in advance? What if you could show depositors, in advance, how strong or weak their bank is? People could make informed decisions and decide if they want to change banks or not.

This investigation looks at Florida. Why Florida? Because a lot of pension money, retirement accounts and life savings have been put into Florida banks as more and more retirees head south. Clearly, this list is not complete and if your bank is not on this list, email or comment and I will look into your bank’s stability.

Banks are generally rated by stars or letters. For stars, a five star rating is the best you can get and one star is the worst rating. For letters, A is the best and F the worst. The rule of thumb by most investors? I am using the letter rating system. A bank that is rated an A or B, this the best rating for a bank. This A or B means your bank has a green light for your account and everything should be just fine. A grade of C or D means yellow flags of caution should be going up to the depositor and they need to be prepared to make a quick move if necessary. A bank rated as an E or F means red flags should go up and you would be wise to remove your money out of that bank before it closes. Even with FDIC, it could take a long time to figure out deposits before you could see your money from FDIC.

The list below is listing Florida banks in the lower E and F grade. These banks may be in serious trouble and appear likely to close. If you are banking with these institutions, it might be wise to remove your deposits and find an A or B bank. If you have a loan with an E or F graded bank, keep making your payments on time. This list in no way reflects giving financial advice to anyone. Use this information as you research your bank’s solvency at your own risk. I am reporting what I see through documents supplied through FDIC and other sources.

This list of E and F graded banks is not conclusive and if you do not see your bank on this list and want to know where your bank stands, email or comment here.

(E+) - Commerce Bank of Ft. Myers, Florida

(E-) - Federal Trust Bank Sanford, Florida

(E) - First Florida Bank Naples, Florida

(E-) - First Priority Bank Bradenton, Florida

(E+) - Florida Community Bank Immokalee, Florida

(E-) - Freedom Bank Bradenton, Florida

(E) - Ocala National Bank Ocala, Florida

(D) - Alarion Bank of Ocala Ocala, Florida

(D) - American First Bank Clermont, Florida

(E-) Federal Trust Bank Sanford, Florida

(D) First Avenue National Bank Ocala, Florida

(D) - Gateway Bank Ocala, Florida

(D) - Bank of Central Florida Lakeland, Florida

(D+) - Bank of Coral Gables Coral Gables, Florida

(D) - Bank Trust Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

(D-) - Beach Community Bank Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

(D+) - Biscayne Bank Coconut Grove, Florida

(D) - First Bank Jacksonville, Florida

(D) - Gateway Bank Ocala, Florida

(D-) - Great Eastern Bank Miami, Florida

(D+) Great Florida Bank Miami, Florida

(D-) - Sunrise Bank Cocoa Beach, Florida

This is not an exhaustive list of possible failing banks in Florida. There are about 3,000 (D rated) banks in the country another 500 of (E rated) banks. Banks may have certain branches under different names and different parent companies. Wachovia shows five different names all under a different rating. Two of the Wachovia banks have a (B rating) and the other three Wachovias have a (C or low C rating). Citi Bank is allegedly buying Wachovia. Is this buyout a move on Citi Bank’s part to obtain Wachovia before ratings drop further and Wachovia fails? Another bank to watch to maybe fail or be bought up is SunTrust Bank, based in Atlanta, Georgia yet servicing many states. SunTrust has a (C-) rating showing yellow flags of caution here and you may want to spread out your deposits to other banks.

For Florida, here is a list of (A rated) banks you may want to consider moving deposits into. Again, this list is not exhaustive.

Hillsboro Bank Plant City, Florida

City National Miami, Florida

Drummond Community Bank Chiefland, Fl

Community State Bank of Starke Florida

There are about (14 - A rated) banks in Florida and about 110 (B rated) banks in Florida. Readers may want to locate these banks to feel secure during this financial examination. One question readers need to ask: “How does Congress choose what banks they want taxpayers to bail out? What Constitutional authority does Congress have to bailout any business in a free market society? Of the banks Congress chooses to bail out, how much money did each Congressman make from these banks prior to the real estate bust and now?

Detective Krum 9/27/2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Congressmen Impeached

Congressmen Impeached
By: Detective Krum

Congressmen risk impeachment with another "bailout" as President Bush and others try to twist the arms of Americans through fear tactics.

Public Law No: 110-289 Found in the Federal Register at:
Who Sponsored this bill? Sponsor:Rep. Nancy Pelosi [D-CA]
See full tracking at:
Who Co-Sponsored this bill? ( 18 Democrats )
Cosponsors [as of 2008-08-30]

This bill is clearly unconstitutional. This bill provides for the government to change contract law. When a person applies for a mortgage the process includes an investigation, by the potential lender, regarding the borrower's ability to pay the loan back. If the borrower's reports show the borrower may not be able to pay the mortgage back and the lender still determines to give the borrower the mortgage, whose fault is this mortgage? Regardless, there is a contract entered into between the lender and the borrower. This is called "Contract Law". For the US Congress to remove American consumers from the right of contract by renegotiating is fraud against Americans. (See law excerpts below).

Public Law 110-289 creates a new independent Agency (grows government even bigger) along with a ‘Board’ that is to ‘advise the (not yet appointed) Director with respect to overall strategies and policies in carrying out the duties of the Director under this title. It will be comprised of 4 members: the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission; and finally the Director, who shall serve as the Chairperson of the Board’. Who is representing the people?

HOPE FOR HOMEOWNERS PROGRAM … this section begins when this law becomes effective October 1, 2008 and automatically sunsets September 30, 2011; it is $300 Billion in size. It’s purpose, among other things, ‘is to create an FHA program, participation in which is voluntary on the part of homeowners and existing loan holders to insure refinanced loans for distressed borrowers to support long-term, sustainable homeownership; to allow homeowners to avoid foreclosure by reducing the principle balance outstanding, and interest rate charged, on their mortgages; to help stabilize and provide confidence in mortgage markets by bringing transparency to the value of assets based on mortgage assets; to target mortgage assistance under this section to homeowners for their principal residence ….’

To say this law is voluntary is an assault on American intelligence. This law costs every American $4 extra dollars showing extortion through legislation of unconstitutional actions by Congress. It is time to start impeachment or recall proceedings against Congressmen / Congresswomen who overstep authority. Why would Congress want provisions for homeowners in any bailout when:

1. That is what Public Law No: 110-289 was created to do.
2. Why are renters forced to pay?
3. Why is the Constitution being shredded with these laws?
4. Who has profited and how much have they profited from previous bailouts?

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